A photo showing mountains with a vast starlit sky above; and below a misty darkness save for pockets of light from human habitation.

 [Image by jplenio from Pixabay]

Fuck the pyramidal industry of mindfulness.
Fuck the ridiculous millennial life hacks.
Fuck the Generation X-ers
who can’t discriminate the facts.
Fuck the readers of old books who hide
within the caves of fantasy and hate;
and those who think the falling die,
or the circling planets,
have an interest in their fate.
The only right response
to the paradox of life
– to the vicious irony of love’s transience
in a haughty, disregarding universe;
to a sky of stars, all hot or hard,
which slide in measures that we cannot comprehend
of space and size and age,
while all that’s kind and softly beautiful
lies in a mortal flesh that, in decades, rots –
is rage, rage.  Is rage.

‘Fuck’ is a word I prefer to use sparingly in life (outside the context of sex), and so also in poetry. Perhaps that’s merely prim of me. I decided that here it was the right choice. If the Vorticists could use ‘Blast’ in 1915, then ‘Fuck’ was surely its equivalent in 2021, and no more offensive.
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  1. As a novice both in poetry and blogging, I’m very grateful for the Likes in response this poem. Thank you all!

    Of course a Like can mean many things, and also not very much at all. But I’m still intrigued that at least two of those who gave this response are clearly people who express/advocate belief systems that offer meaning to life, and solace through its difficulties. And this is in response to a poem that angrily rejects all such sources of comfort! Perhaps those who feature faith in their lives are all the more aware how bleak life would otherwise be.

    I’d also like to say that in my view a poem is not an enduring statement of policy. It only attempts to express the momentary perception of a truth – whether that’s the beauty of a sunset or the terrible indifference of the universe.


    1. ‘m led by emotions [at 1st sight, at least…] the enthusiasm reacts… [2nd time… 3rd time…] could change or not my opinion… but if it doesn’t correspond with the author’s thoughts… that’s it… i’ll withdraw my comment… and i’ll refrain from the next ones… [seems legit] [for both parts] don’t wanna transmit confusions… or doubts…


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